ASSP Michigan Chapters & MIOSHA Alliance

On Tuesday, August 23, 2022 the three Michigan ASSP Chapters, West Michigan, Mid-Michigan, and the Greater Detroit Chapter renewed their joint Alliance with Michigan OSHA (MIOSHA).  This fourth renewal of the ASSP/MIOSHA Alliance marked 13 years of working together to achieve the goals set forth in the Alliance.  We were honored to have Bart Pickelman, Director of MIOSHA Consultation, Education and Training Division, join us for the signing.

As Alliance partners, the three ASSP Chapters work to increase the safety of Michigan’s workers.  In part, this is done by raising awareness of MIOSHA’s rulemaking and enforcement initiatives across Michigan.  ASSP Chapters share information with all ASSP members in the geographic areas supported by the three Michigan Chapters on OSHA’s National Emphasis Programs, MIOSHA State Emphasis Programs, local and national Regulatory Agendas, and opportunities that exist for Michigan ASSP members to participate in the rulemaking process.

Further, Michigan ASSP Chapters will share and reinforce information on occupational safety and health laws and standards with Chapter Members, including the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers.  Fun events, like “Take a Stand Day” and “Safe and Sound Week” are also championed by the three Michigan ASSP Chapters.

While most of this happens via communication with members at technical meetings and communication pieces sent by email or on social media, one of the most visible partnering events is when Chapters host Coffee with MIOSHA events in locales throughout the state.  These events, which are often at maximum registration in just a matter of days, give safety professionals and other business leaders in our communities, including prospective and current ASSP members, a chance to hear about upcoming events, initiatives, training opportunities, and MIOSHA goals.  These events also give attendees opportunities to ask questions and meet with various MIOSHA staff in an informal, social, and positive way.  Often, MIOSHA consultants, trainers, enforcement officers, radiation safety specialists, industrial hygienists, and other staff are in attendance to answer questions and build both rapport and relationships with attendees.  The feedback from attendees at these events is always very positive.

MIOSHA collaborates and supports our three Michigan ASSP Chapters by providing notification of upcoming ASSP Chapter meetings and events to everyone who signs up for MIOSHA emails, newsletters, and social media feeds.  MIOSHA will regularly provide key speakers and assist with topics for ASSP technical meetings and PDCs upon request.

We were able to have this event at the Great Lakes Safety Training Center in Midland. The Mid-Michigan ASSP Chapter has a partnership with the GLSTC to assist each other in promoting workplace safety throughout Michigan.